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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stress in the office or office stress

There are so many stresses in the office places because people working place face pressure everyday as well as they survive with difficulty in the competitive world. From the low level to the top level all people are facing certain stress office environment. Although many people are not interested to work because of stress in the office but they can't leave a current job easily because they have to manage day to day life. If they leave the job they have to tell proper reason for leaving as well as getting a job in the next organization immediately is not that much easy.

Suppose they get a job they find difficulty to work in the new surrounding, with new friends, with different work responsibility and travel distance. In the new organization some of the colleagues may work when the organization starts or long years that kind of person may never get a salary hike because of their poor education or low performance. They blame or scold others for their low salary but if we are appointed at high amount then that colleagues and under training for that colleagues for a couple of months they never train and cooperate with you they always try to falling you down by spreading the word like that you are not performing well. Better we have to show our talent without leaving the organization first we have to do is relief the stress in the office and work out stress in the office or causes of stress at work:

* Handling difficult colleagues
* Over load work pressure
* Over time work
* Lack of sleep
* Problem between subordinate and superior
* Unnecessarily work
* Lack of decision taking
* Poor working condition
* Poor toilet
* Poor canteen
* Conflict on work to the colleagues
* Low performance increment
* Confuse of responsibility
* Lack of transport
* Poor salary

Character and behavioral changes

* Addict of smoking and drinking
* Change of food time
* Loss of appetite
* Poor relationship with friends
* Unnecessarily getting hanger with family members and friends
* Feel loss something achievable
* Everyday forced to go for job
* Lack of interest
* Lack of self confidence

Stress caused diseases

* Insomnia (loss of sleeplessness)
* Constipation problem(irregular bowel movement)
* Heart attack
* High blood pressure( tension)
* Headache
* Back pain
* Tiredness
* Cold
* Allergic
* Skin problem

Stress office reduction
We can't continually work in the office with stress we have stress out and work out yoga is the best solution for stress office reduction the main yoga for eliminating stress in the office is pranayamam.

pranayamam is the best one for relief of mental depression, fear, anxiety, anger, nervousness and stress in the office it has three steps to do .it can do in the sunrise and sun set time: Step 1 With the help of right hand main finger close the right nossil and inhale breath heavily with left nossil

Take that main finger close the left nossil in the right hand main fingerand breath heavily from right side and viceversa. can to up to 8 to 10 times.


Inhale breath from the 2 nossils haevily and exhale the breath without stoping the breath.


Inhale breath from 2 nossily heavily and stop and then exhale the breath.


this asanas remove the mental depression, anxiety, fear, anger, pressure, stress in the office. It also cures the diseases like asthma, cold, gastic, cough, body heat,lasiness,loss of appetite, fever, it increases beauty, purify blood.


Most of the peoples are facing office stress because of the facing challenge and pressure this is inevitable there is no life without challenge so we have to face the challenge. First thing is to refresh yourself after that we have to concentrate work yoga should be play a vital role for refreshing our self as well as it helps to induce our creativity to show our performance in the office


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