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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stress Handling Difficult Colleagues

In a working place there is a huge competition between colleagues. Capable colleagues can look over their project and try to prove their efficiency but incapable colleagues can't think innovatively or creatively because they are not having confidence about themselves. So they are always disturbing other colleagues which in-turn increases stress levels of these employees. In this situation it is very difficult to handle problems. If this continues you can't concentrate on your work. You won't be able to develop your personality, you can't improve further. So we have to handle some of the techniques to escape from these types of difficult colleagues they are:
Avoid Discussing Work Specific Matters
Don't discuss about your work specific matters and turn him around. Bring up a past project and ask how they are doing. This will make them wonder if they are performing and they will leave you. Your competition vibes out and you can focus better.
Stop Discussing Family Problem in Work Place
Difficult colleagues try to distract you and change the direction of your mind. So don't talk anything personal in the work place.
Don't React to Teasing
Don't react to teasing and try to avoid them as much as possible. Being good to difficult people will only make matters worse for you. Give them a feeling that you are not to be taken for granted. Create a fear in them that you can offer a non-response insulting him in front of others. If they prompt you to speak-up, try and tell them in that you don't like speaking about personal matters in the workplace.
Help Them Work
Whenever work comes difficult employees tend to pull their face away as they never interested to work. This increases your work load. So ask them why they are not interested so they become constructive and contribute to the project. By helping them improve you will up your popularity


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