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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stress in the office or office stress

There are so many stresses in the office places because people working place face pressure everyday as well as they survive with difficulty in the competitive world. From the low level to the top level all people are facing certain stress office environment. Although many people are not interested to work because of stress in the office but they can't leave a current job easily because they have to manage day to day life. If they leave the job they have to tell proper reason for leaving as well as getting a job in the next organization immediately is not that much easy.

Suppose they get a job they find difficulty to work in the new surrounding, with new friends, with different work responsibility and travel distance. In the new organization some of the colleagues may work when the organization starts or long years that kind of person may never get a salary hike because of their poor education or low performance. They blame or scold others for their low salary but if we are appointed at high amount then that colleagues and under training for that colleagues for a couple of months they never train and cooperate with you they always try to falling you down by spreading the word like that you are not performing well. Better we have to show our talent without leaving the organization first we have to do is relief the stress in the office and work out stress in the office or causes of stress at work:

* Handling difficult colleagues
* Over load work pressure
* Over time work
* Lack of sleep
* Problem between subordinate and superior
* Unnecessarily work
* Lack of decision taking
* Poor working condition
* Poor toilet
* Poor canteen
* Conflict on work to the colleagues
* Low performance increment
* Confuse of responsibility
* Lack of transport
* Poor salary

Character and behavioral changes

* Addict of smoking and drinking
* Change of food time
* Loss of appetite
* Poor relationship with friends
* Unnecessarily getting hanger with family members and friends
* Feel loss something achievable
* Everyday forced to go for job
* Lack of interest
* Lack of self confidence

Stress caused diseases

* Insomnia (loss of sleeplessness)
* Constipation problem(irregular bowel movement)
* Heart attack
* High blood pressure( tension)
* Headache
* Back pain
* Tiredness
* Cold
* Allergic
* Skin problem

Stress office reduction
We can't continually work in the office with stress we have stress out and work out yoga is the best solution for stress office reduction the main yoga for eliminating stress in the office is pranayamam.

pranayamam is the best one for relief of mental depression, fear, anxiety, anger, nervousness and stress in the office it has three steps to do .it can do in the sunrise and sun set time: Step 1 With the help of right hand main finger close the right nossil and inhale breath heavily with left nossil

Take that main finger close the left nossil in the right hand main fingerand breath heavily from right side and viceversa. can to up to 8 to 10 times.


Inhale breath from the 2 nossils haevily and exhale the breath without stoping the breath.


Inhale breath from 2 nossily heavily and stop and then exhale the breath.


this asanas remove the mental depression, anxiety, fear, anger, pressure, stress in the office. It also cures the diseases like asthma, cold, gastic, cough, body heat,lasiness,loss of appetite, fever, it increases beauty, purify blood.


Most of the peoples are facing office stress because of the facing challenge and pressure this is inevitable there is no life without challenge so we have to face the challenge. First thing is to refresh yourself after that we have to concentrate work yoga should be play a vital role for refreshing our self as well as it helps to induce our creativity to show our performance in the office


In modern days most of the people in the world are suffering from stress in family resilience. This is credible and inevitable. When we talk about stress in family resilience there are so many factors affecting the family members. These factors could be loss of job, unemployment, disability of children, poor communication, misunderstanding within family members, low finance, expecting high responsibility, domination, separate planning, highly possessive. Culture and context both aid and impede family resilience.

Many people suffer from stress in family resilience due to overwhelming needs. These unsatisfied needs give lots of problems like frustration, anxiety, angry and so on. This stress gives mind related problems and this in turn gives stress related diseases like asthma, skin diseases, heart attack, diabetics etc. Some people seem to have a birth ability to bounce back from bad atmosphere to overcome stress others may not have such ability to overcome stress. They have to learn to bounce back certain difficult situations. Some people can easily get relief from mental, physical and emotional crisis other are struggling to escape from this.

Given below are the major factors that can create stress in family resilience:

* Misunderstanding
* Poor communication
* Domination factors
* Inability to adapt
* Ego problem
* Not accepting fault
* Turn there problem to others
* Interfere offend unnecessary matters
* Fear of loss
* Poor decision
* Dependent to others
* Highly possessive
* Expect Over Care
* High expectation
* Disable child
* Loss of job
* Unemployment
* Problem in office


* Self motivated
* Takecare of family members
* Sense of humor
* Polite manners
* Forgiveness


* Factors that increase stress in family resilience
* Bad manners
* Worst behavior
* Non-forgiveness
* Always talking past matters
* No mercy
* Lack of understanding

Stress in family resilience is a common factor in today's life. This is because of overwhelming needs and problems. People who are suffering from stress need to talk freely to their family members to reduce their stress, otherwise they have to consult family physiciatrics, social welfare organizations, elders of family members and follow the suggestion given by consultants. They have to do meditation & yoga like pranayama to strengthen mind, body and soul.

Stress Handling Difficult Colleagues

In a working place there is a huge competition between colleagues. Capable colleagues can look over their project and try to prove their efficiency but incapable colleagues can't think innovatively or creatively because they are not having confidence about themselves. So they are always disturbing other colleagues which in-turn increases stress levels of these employees. In this situation it is very difficult to handle problems. If this continues you can't concentrate on your work. You won't be able to develop your personality, you can't improve further. So we have to handle some of the techniques to escape from these types of difficult colleagues they are:
Avoid Discussing Work Specific Matters
Don't discuss about your work specific matters and turn him around. Bring up a past project and ask how they are doing. This will make them wonder if they are performing and they will leave you. Your competition vibes out and you can focus better.
Stop Discussing Family Problem in Work Place
Difficult colleagues try to distract you and change the direction of your mind. So don't talk anything personal in the work place.
Don't React to Teasing
Don't react to teasing and try to avoid them as much as possible. Being good to difficult people will only make matters worse for you. Give them a feeling that you are not to be taken for granted. Create a fear in them that you can offer a non-response insulting him in front of others. If they prompt you to speak-up, try and tell them in that you don't like speaking about personal matters in the workplace.
Help Them Work
Whenever work comes difficult employees tend to pull their face away as they never interested to work. This increases your work load. So ask them why they are not interested so they become constructive and contribute to the project. By helping them improve you will up your popularity


Dark circles under eyes may occur because of lack of proper nutrition, anemic conditions, stressful lifestyle or even due to bad sleeping habits
Dark spot due to stress
When friends, neighbors, colleagues or relatives comment on the stress dark spot naturally this dark spot due to stress affects you mentally and gives you further stress. Primarily it spoils the face and gives a dull impression so people who have dark spot due to stress this dark circles increases further and create a sad appearance.

The following steps will help you diminish stress dark spot so it eventually stops,
1.) Take a good deal of nutrient rich diet along with fresh fruits and green vegetables
Make sure to eat a balanced diet that is rich in fiber. Eating lots of green vegetables helps. In addition to eating good, you also need to drink lots of water. 3 - 4 liters a day is the minimum intake you should have.
2.) Always maintain regular hours of sleep (go to bed at the same time. If possible early)
Keep a regular schedule and go to bed at the same time. 9.00 - 10.00 is the right time to hit the bed. So choose a right time and stick to it.
3.) Avoid Watching Too Much TV
Sitting in front of the tv for more than 3 hours at a stretch can cause your eyes to get strained which would aid in further increment of the stress dark spots. So make sure you reduce your tv watching activities and do lots of out door work.
4.) Consult a doctor and apply recommended cream on the dark spots
The market today is filled with all kinds of dark spot removing creams. But which one to go for when all claim to do the same thing better? This is where a physician comes to the rescue. Visit your local physician and ask him for some good advice before trying out these creams. Select a good cream and stick to it.
5.) Make use of Vegetables like potatoes and cucumber
Slice up potatoes and cucumber juice them up in a mixer. Strain the juice out and apply them on a regular basis over the dark spots. These juices can help a good deal in reducing the spots.
6.) Use Multani Mitti
Multani Mitti is a special kind of mud available in parts of India. This mud has been used in India since ancient times to treat pimples as well as gynostemma dark circles. If you can get your hands on them, make sure to use them.

Did you have any success with removing dark spots?? Discuss your story now and tell to the world your secret. Mail your story with your name to

Thursday, August 31, 2006



The below statement explained how to prevent recurrent bladder cancer
Bladder cancer occurs in industrial Countries such as united states, Canada, france, according to national cancer institute where as it is lowest in Asia and South America .38,000 men and 15,000 women are diagnosed with the disease each year in united states approximately. In men it is4th most common and in women it is 8th most common.
Bladder cancer is dangerous diseases it comes again and again after surgery was finished. It striking men over 50 years. Surgery has not proved successfully to eliminate this bladder cancer so garlic is found to be an important compound to prevent Cancer. Sulphur compound inhibit cancer cell division.
It has been found that garlic and onions play a vital role in inhibiting cancer of the esophagus and colon. So people those who are suffering from bladder cancer even after surgery please use fried garlic in the morning regularly. This garlic prevent cancer grows further that’s what we needed

- This diseases seems mostly in people those who are smoking continuously called as a chain smoker
- Smoking pipes is also increases the risk of getting bladder cancer
- In the workplace carcinogenic exposure also leads to bladder cancer
- Antineoplastic drugs used in chemotherapy in medical workplace also increase the risk of bladder cancer
- Regular use of hair die (containing aniline) also increases the risk of bladder cancer
- Workers who are working in chemical, textile, rubber, metal, leather, hairdresses, printers industries, painters, truck drivers have high risk of getting bladder cancer
- The people those who are affected by bladder cancer having a symptoms of anemia, lower back pain and blood in the urine(hematuria).hematuria can’t visible easily under naked eye but surely it visible in microscope and it is not painful
- Frequent and pain upon urination also consider has another symptoms



This summary will give a clear idea of where is mangosteen called queen of fruits.
When we talk about mangosteen, don’t get confused with mango, this mangosteen is entirely a different fruit. This is also called as xango or queen of fruits. It looks like a small apple and color is purple with hard rind. There are five to seven seeds inside the fruit. It resembles a pineapple taste and it is very delicious has been proved that it helps to cur many diseases.
Mangosteen is considered as a part of a group of guttiferae, its scientific name is garcinia mangostana(campin2004),named after a French explorer, Jacques garcin(1673-1751)
Still not yet found where it was cultivated exactly but some of assumptions are there according to their origin. Juliaf.morton, a botanist believes that it has been originated in moluccus and the Sunda Islands. Wild mangosteen trees are found in the forest of Malaya even now. Some experts report that it had been domesticated first in Thailand or Burma. Botanist spread the seeds in Europe and America in 19th century. Sincere steps were taken to cultivate in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America. The plant is ultra- tropical and sensitive: seeds die at 45 degree F.


This mangosteen is a tasty and delicious fruit. Many scientist proved that this mangosteen is helpful to solve many diseases, cancer can be easily controlled by a fruit. For medicinal purpose it has been shipped from Singapore to Calcutta and china. This powder is useful to overcome dysentery,its ointment is used for eczema and many skin disorders. It helpful for cure chronic diarrhea in adults and children.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In these days peoples are living in a changing environment because of the difficult to lead this lifestyle no one can escape from stress. Some of the changing activities like inactive physical work, irregular bowel movement, eating in a hurry, delaying the bowel movement for some reasons among others can lead to digestion problem that results to stress and finally constipation.
Stress Causing Constipation
Bowel movement changes from country to country but most people have at-least one bowel movement a day. At-least 3 times a week according research but irregular bowel movement can lead to stress and this stress affects the intestinal tracts and causes digestion problem. People now-a-days do not lead an active physical life like no exercise , unplanned meals, lack of sleep or irregular sleeping hours, low water intake, unhealthy foods like fast food, soda, fat and meat, very few intakes of vegetables, grains and water. All this results in stress causing constipation. This often stress of certain period may cause incontinent backache
Remedy for constipation

* Lead an active physical life by doing regular exercise everyday
* Plan a healthy meal and maintain a regular time of eating habit
* Do not eat in a hurry due to lack of time. Always make time for your meals. Suppose you are eating in a hurry, make sure to eat a healthy food that contains high fiber content like spinach, cauliflower, cucumber, radishes, papaya, legumes etc)
* Drink at-least 5 to 6 glass of fresh clean water everyday
* Don't delay a bowel movement at any situation
* Indulge in Yoga and Meditation
* Suppose you are having severe problem consult doctor first and take medicine meanwhile follow this instruction

By following these tips you can be free from all constipation problems

Friday, August 18, 2006

Stress and Obesity

Stress and Obesity
Now a days people are facing overstress because of the pot belly syndrome. The pot belly syndrome is a situation caused because of uncontrollable diet, physical inactivity, overdose of supplements and medications, over sleeping, less movements etc.

How does stress eating contribute to obesity?

If you are wondering how stress eating contributes to obesity then you need to know that stress and obesity are directly related. Stress causes certain hormones in our body to increase, causing lack in metabolic activities.

So even though people control food intake, or fast, the find it difficult to reduce their fat deposited in stomach. This again leads to stress that contributes to obesity. This is how how stress causes obesity.

Yoga and meditation can help you alleviate this situation. One yoga technique named the Uthana Padasanam is really helpful to control fat belly. This yoga can help you reduce stress relating to obesity. It is described as follows:

Uthana padasanam

1. Lie down on a soft piece of cloth facing upwards
2. Bring your legs together and straighten them
3. Rest your hand close to your body with your palm pressing or facing downwards
4. Take a deep breath and relax
5. Slowly raise your legs up to 45 degree, and exhale your breath while doing so
6. Stay in this position for about about six minutes (breath normally)
7. Slowly bring your legs down
8. Repeate again

When to Do this Yoga?

This yoga can be done up to 6 to 12 times anytime during the day. This plays major role in reducing huge belly. In addition it helps to reduce unnecessary fat in our body as well as improves proper blood circulation. It is very helpful to be free from stress of mind and helps break the stress obesity connection.